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Higher Education Sharing 2021

Updated: May 16

Dear Class of 2020,

Congratulations upon completing formal education and the collection of your A Level results! We hope that all was good for you and we are excited to welcome you whilst you embark on the next stage of your educational journey.

We are glad to announce that your seniors will be coming together for our Annual Higher Education Sharing Event, where you can get to know more insights about Student Life in University from your very own graduated seniors. You can expect a wide range of information to be covered- from application advice to Uni life advice or their honest opinions on courses that you may be interested in!

Here is the schedule for our sharing session on 27th:

Do sign up in the link below or RSVP under 'Events' and we hope to see you there! The platform for the sharing will be on Discord, so grab a cup of drink and join us! :)

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